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It was the January of 1997 when a small patisserie opened its doors on Aeschylus Street 3 to offer sweets and coffee to the patrons. At the same time, other shops began to open in the neglected but historic area of Psyrri. Instigator and creator for our shop was A. Katsikaris, a native of the area and a great lover of it. The shop is a family one, exclusively.The small patisserie in the Aeschylus Street, was named “Serbetia” and gradually it became a hangout.

The word “Serbetia” originates from the word “serbet” which means syrup, a kind of an aromatic drink and figuratively the sweet-talk of lovers and kisses.

Every day and a different creation, a new flavor. Plenty of recipes, some comes from our grandmother who came from Istanbul, others from our mother…. and most of them are inspired by our customer or are creations of our imagination… like the well known and loved bananato a recipe that was born by experimentation…

Sour cream, chocolate drops and pieces of fresh banana …and maybe … some “miranta” biscuits will suit well too. That’s how we created the bananato.

Our yard and the neighborhood smell cinnamon, sugar, mastic and fresh butter. Try our best known sweet “the love dessert” or “the passion dessert” as some have called it, which was born from the love of our customers for lot of chocolate… And in the “Serbetia of Psyrri” we love…

Enjoy the exquisite bananato that stimulates the senses, the tasty tiramisu and the delicious hazelnut pie with hazelnut praline. Do not miss the cheese cake that comes in a variety of flavors and of course the ekmek politico that is served with cream from buffalo’s milk or the crunchy Kiunefe with the kaimaki ice cream. Try the “chocolate trunk” with the cookie stuffing that wakes up childhood memories or the traditional and delicious galactoboureco that never fails.

For 20 years now, we create daily more than 50 pastries, sweets and desserts first  in our shop and now in our modern workshop on the first floor of the preserved neoclassical building in the Aeschylus Street 3.

Our modern workshop-a dream of many years-is now a reality. The workshop’s manager is Maria Katsikari who has a lot of love and passion for her work. We create daily sweets, pastries and desserts using the best ingredients provided from our 20 years suppliers-partners.  We do not negotiate the quality and the purity of our ingredients. We try something different every day and we create unique and exquisite flavors for all of you who have been trusting us all these years with your preference and your good words.

Visit our first floor where you will find a modern room decorated with passion and our very own personal touch, everything is handmade and unique. Here we can host events, graduations parties and private gatherings of all sorts. In our space one can enjoy the most favorable sweets of the city in a very special environment.  The choice is yours!!!

Concluding this short presentation we will like to emphasize the importance of our staff, our “team” as we call it, which includes 15 people. We work together as a well-oiled machine and we complete each other. We trust and invest in the teamwork because we believe that this way we can do better and achieve more. We invest in relationships, good attitudes, honesty and respect.

We are here to make your visit delightful. Our target is…. to share “sweet” memories … with you.

From Maria, Antreas, Alice, Elvis, Giota, Nick, Ioanna , Alam, Ageliki and Thanasis Welcome and Enjoy !

Φεβρουάριος 1997

Οι Κατσικάρης Αντώνης και Αλίκη, ανοίξανε το μαγαζί το 1997

Φεβρουάριος 2017


photos from our workshop

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